The future home of the Guardbook - A Catalog of the easiest ways to do things in IBM Security Guardium <<<Insert This Year's Name for DAM/FAM>>>. I will endeavor to update this as things change or as things become easier.

Why Guardbook?

Guardium documentation leaves much to be desired but I don't think that's Guardium development's fault. The product evolves very rapidly. In addition to that, there are about 3 or 4 ways to do almost everything. Official documentation has the problem that one of it's goals should be that it's complete. What I am finding is that people need a reference on the easiest ways to do things in Guardium. Easiest is defined as the thing that causes least pain almost all of the time. I'll try and point out common pitfalls, but I'm not going to detail edge cases (there are normally *many* edge cases for every task).

Why Easiest?

For a reference that is complete, the Guardium Knowledgecenter is probably your best bet (although it could be better it's the best there is). For a reference on how to do things best, you should look at the Guardium Redbook. But the Redbook doesn't always tell you how to do things easily because it's goal is to guide the reader into "best practices" (whatever that means).

The Guardbook's objective is to show you how to do things efficiently. Sometimes this is the best practice. Sometimes it leaves out edge cases that, in certain, situations are a good idea to enable (which you'd find in the Red Book). It definitely leaves out all of the options available to someone (which you'll find in that in the Knowledgecenter mostly).